My name is Tyler,
You’re my Facebook friend, you probably still know me in real life as well.
You also knew a slightly different version of me in the late 90s.

I sent this your way because you had some relationship with a group of teenagers that was involved in the Brownsville Revival or the myriad of Christian activities that orbited it a bunch of years ago.
I don’t know how you feel, now, about that time in your life.
But chances are you feel some way about it.

Here is what I am asking:

I am a pastor now and there is a group of teenagers that looks remarkably like the group that you and I were somehow related to.
I see myself, and all of us, in them in a lot of ways.

In some ways that makes me feel excited and encouraged.
In some ways it makes me super nervous.

I’d like for you to consider writing a note to the younger version of  yourself regrading how that particular expression of faith affected you then and now.

I want to compile some of these thoughts into an ‘open letter’ to the crew involved now.

The Tone:

I am not trying to encourage or discourage what they are doing.
I’m only trying to give them some perspective from old people who have been there.  That being said, talk honestly – to ‘young you.’

If you loved your experience and it still affects you in a positive way, talk about that.
If you feel bitter and the whole thing tainted faith for you in some way, talk about that.

If you’re mixed up about it, talk about that.
But talk to young you. don’t preach to current them.

The Rules:
Send me a DM with your response.
I’d love 2 paragraphs (not 2 pages).

I will not change anything that you say, but I will ‘selectively include.’
Not to alter tone, but to keep the length managable.

If you want to be anonymous, let me know, if not I’ll use your name and perhaps give some context:
‘this guy was an adult at the time’
‘this lady is still in ministry’ etc..

I am going to try and publish next week,
It will be on my personal blog.
Don’t worry, nobody really reads it –
Chances are you already stopped reading this one.

So  A week – ish  is your deadline if you want to participate.
If you don’t want to participate, no big deal.

I do believe we have something to offer.
I also believe it will be roundly ignored by our core audience
(would ‘young you’ have listened?)

The Final Product of this call for letters.


brv.pngBut we may still get a neat little snapshot of the aftermath for ‘old us’.