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Be Ye Warned

I recently wrote a post about my new year’s resolutions
This will be the third (non-consecutive) year
that I will go without eating meat.

The worst thing about this resolution isn’t the “no meat”
It’s explaining my logic when people ask.
Just explaining the decision makes me feel
like a holier-than-thou zealot.
I know I’m a preacher, but I really hate grandstanding.

Plus, anytime you make a resolution
everyone’s de-facto position is cop.
I mean to say, the typical first reaction
is looking for a slip up or poking holes in the logic.
That’s just the way it is.
Haters, man.

You, however followed a link
to an explanation.
So this is on you. I’m gonna tell you.

Set the Bar

Most of this is well established.
And I make the rules for my resolution.
But there are a lot of variations on vegetarian:
Vegans eat no animal product (dairy, eggs, whatever)
Lots of vegetarians eat fish, I don’t know why, but they do.
Some folks don’t wear leather or fur.

The only thing I am doing is – not eating flesh…like, the actual meat.
Spaghetti and meatballs?  Just move the meatballl over and we’re good.
Chicken stock in the soup?  No big deal.

Don’t like it?  Think I am a cheater?
Eat what you want, and see paragraph one.

Not a Pet Person

I may like to pet your dog,
but I don’t think it’s morally wrong to eat it.

From an ethical standpoint I don’t see any difference between eating your beloved pet and eating some meat from a Styrofoam package.

I know why it’s weird, you kiss your dog and talk baby talk to it.
Of course it would feel funny to eat it.
But it wouldn’t be wrong, from my perspective.

I don’t want to see animals suffer.
I’m not coming for your pet (remember – no meat).
But Animal welfare is not part of the equation
For my (sometimes) choice not to eat meat.

E.Coli in the Spinach

Sure I want to be healthier, absolutely!
Not eating meat does make me more conscious of what I eat.
But I Just ate a bowl of Ice Cream.

I will probably be healthier,
but that’s not the point either.


Here it goes.
I am not writing a research paper,
and I’m not trying to convince you to do anything.
This is the plain and simple / broad strokes reason
I think Vegetarianism is important:

Meat takes a TREMENDOUS amount of land, water, and food to create.
We feed animals food, they produce meat, then we eat the meat.

That is a remarkably inefficient set-up.

If we just ate the food the meat eats, 
We would use fewer resources.

The desired effect, the reason I think this is a worthwhile endeavor,
is a smaller environmental impact and more available food.

That is a rabbit hole,
Go down it if you want.
But it’s plain and simple
that meat requires more resources to produce less food.

The Problems:

If I eat no meat, will I make an impact on the environment?
The world will keep producing and shipping just as much meat as it ever did.
But if I think this is a more responsible way to eat,
with no real cost or impact on my lifestyle,
So why not, right?

Will more people have access to food because I don’t eat meat (sometimes)?
There is enough food on planet Earth to feed everyone.
The reasons some people go without are complex and inter-related.
But, again, so what?
It costs me nothing and it is something I can do.

What if someone killed a deer in the woods and served it to me?
That deer ate wild food and required less energy to get to my plate
than the rice it is served with.
So, yeah, I’d eat that.

Also, I ate some Turkey last week.

We had a bunch of leftovers in the fridge last week.
Among them was a large turkey breast that no one in my house would eat.
The kids were ‘over it’ and it was too old for my (very reasonable) wife.
So, yeah, I ate that.

It would be ridiculous and counter productive
to put it in the trash
because I want to save resources.

And I’m still on track to achieve my new years resolution.

Don’t like it?  Refer to paragraph one.