Listening to: Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama

Reading: A long list of violent acts. In grim daily spurts. For months on end.

Writing About: Light, Life

The Context
Today we finalized the adoption of our fifth child.  Adoption is beautiful, and complicated. I’ve written about it a number of times (this article can start you down that rabbit trail). The long and short of it is this: Kids should be raised in stable loving homes with their families, that is right and good and just. But when that can’t happen, adoption is a beautiful picture of redemption. My family could not be more excited about our new addition, we feel honored by Juliet’s presence.

The Story
As if to highlight the broken-beauty of the process; families are made in a court room, in front of a judge, with an armed police officer at the door.  All of our kids walked through a metal detector today, then gained a forever sister.

The judge graciously waived any sense of order to accommodate our kids and the clan of friends and family who came with us. Basically, Juliet was running around during all of the legal drivel.  At one point she approached the police officer and offered a book.  He took it and read it to her. For the rest of the ceremony the officer was kneeling down under the weight of her charm.

Just a little bit of light
Adoption is beautiful, and complicated.  This morning in a sterile court room, Juliet’s story took a turn. We celebrate that!  Our Country is struggling (literally and physically) to find justice, peace, and equity for communities of color and the officers who put their lives on the line to protect and serve them. The weight of the conversation is overwhelming, but it pales in comparison to the impact of the relentless violence. It feels like darkness.

But today,in the courtroom, we couldn’t help but see a little bit of light.
A touch of tenderness, kindness.
The Kingdom of God breaking through.
A glimmer, a moment of levity.
Juliet was safe and home.