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Writing about: Meaningful, valuable, coincidences

Lead with the Story:

Last week the Fuller family moved to a bigger house.
Which is great, more kids-more space…it just makes sense.

There are a lot of ways that the new house
seemed to be a perfect fit for our family.
The whole searching and buying process really lined up well for us.

But here is the kicker:
We had the feeling that the original owners of our new home were a big family.
I guess, now that we are in the club, we now how to see the signs.

As we were moving our things into the house, Leslie noticed that there were seven hooks on the mantle above the fireplace. The most obvious reason there would be seven hooks there (for a big family) is Christmas stockings…right?  You’re with me on this, right?

This is odd (or meaningful) because:
1. That is a lot of stockings
2. That is the same about of hooks that the Fuller family has on our mantle

(See this pic from a previous blog)


Soap Box:

I realized, as I was organizing this post in my head,
that the idea of a future full of possibilities
( a future that is not set in stone )
is one of my core beliefs.

And because I am a black and white thinker,
not naturally prone to nuance
and uncomfortable with inconsistency..

It follows, for me,
that any notion of fate
or destiny
any evidence of a future that “had to be”
No matter how cute or inspiring
Is probably just a really great coincidence.

that we are not God’s action figures
Sitting in the driver seat of God’s wind-up car.

That somehow, being built in God’s image
Living as stewards of God’s creation
Given the power of God’s Spirit
all adds up to the ability to shape history for good or ill.

Still a Romantic at Heart

So, even though I don’t believe that this house was somehow “meant for us”
in the sense that it was always going to be ours.
( We could have bought any other house and had a great experience )

Even though I can’t ( and don’t care to ) verify that the previous family was the same size as my big family.

I can still recognize, as plainly as you can ( if I have communicated the story well )
that this is a really neat coincidence.
It’s meaningful, and encouraging, and heart-warming.
And I’ll still count it all as a blessing.