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I aint no senator’s son

I have a very clear memory of my teenage outlook on leadership.
I was sure that old people controlled my destiny,
And they didn’t know anything.
And that I had no power. Or Responsibility.
The perfect position to raise a fist against everything, and do nothing.

Nothin Changed but the weather

Some business first:
My church, the United Methodist Church, is a connectional system.
All of our churches are tied to each other with elected/shared leadership.
It’s a great church.

every year we meet to talk shop and make decisions (in regional groups)
every four years we meet to talk shop and make decisions (for the Global church)

Now, the problem (spoiler alert, it’s me)
At one of our annual meetings,
Some combination of a highly structured/formal environment and hunger
caused my teenage sensibilities to flare up.
And I drew some version of this picture:

By the way, it is much harder and less fun to draw on a computer.
Also, a lot of Methodist pastors wear stoles.
Also, a Stole is like a scarf (but Holier).

The original was, I’m sure, scrawled over some official document
while someone was saying something important.
And I’m sure it made sense to the zero people who I showed it to.

And, finally…the point:

I may have been right, at 17 years old, that my fate was sealed by old people.
However, I am no longer 17 years old.
I am old people.

So when my global church’s twitter feed looks like dysfunctional congress
Or when I am faced with the worst presidential ticket in history
I did that.

I care about small, local things.
I am passionate about concrete, in my face things.
But that doesn’t make me any less responsible for big issue problems.

And I don’t like that one bit.
Some 17 year old is flicking me off from her school desk right now.
And I earned it.

-Rev. Fuller

Post Script:  True story, Tupac just came through my headphones and said
“I was given this world I didn’t make it”
If he were still alive, that would no longer be true.

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