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Writing About: The two best Mothers in the world.

A few things that make My Momma fantastic (in no particular order)

  • Work Ethic
    My mother always worked in and out of the home, and she was always great at what she did.
    I know what it means to do a job well because my mom showed me
  • Empathy
    My mom “rejoices with those who rejoice, and mourns with those who mourn.”
    I did not get this from my mom, I didn’t get it at all.  But my sister did, and she’s better for it!
  • Fun
    I have a lot of vivid memories of my mom dressing up, dancing, and singing.
    Without pretense, my mom can cut loose and have a great time.
  • Community
    My mom has always maintained healthy, supportive friendships.
    She naturally connects with people, and she’s a great freind
  • Style
    My mom goes for it…brave, bold, and shiny.
    You wish you could try what she pulls off.
  • Faith
    My mom has always had a steady and honest faith.
    I owe a lot of my faith journey (and career) to my mom.

My mother and I are cut from different cloths.
Her list doesn’t sound like me at all.
But I would be a better human being if I could copy and paste some of my mother into my personality,
I’d also have a much more impressive (and shiny) wardrobe.


A few things that make my Wife (and Mother of my kids) great (in no particular order)

  • Instincts
    I wrote about my wife’s incredible intuition more than once  ( here and  here )
    The long and short of it is this: if Leslie has a gut feeling, pay attention.
  • Tireless
    We have a big family Leslie always follows through, Leslie is always available, Leslie holds it down!
  • Caring
    I sometimes think that Leslie’s life is harder than it needs to be, because she cares so much.
    Things that matter can fly right by me, but not Leslie.  Leslie knows what matters, and she cares!
  • The Fun Parent
    I would have always assumed I’d be the fun goofball dad. Leslie is much more willing to put in the hard work and time that it takes for our family to break our routine and have fun.  I’m just trying to get everyone to bed early every day. Don’t tell 18 year old Tyler, he’d be so disappointed.
  • Brave + Honest
    Leslie doesn’t play up drama or pretend things are always easy and bright, she understands things as they are. I am bent towards denial or willful ignorance. Leslie is brave, she sees and stands up to things head-on.
  • Partner
    We aren’t built to do life alone, Leslie makes my life do-able.
    She excels where I lack.
    Because she puts up with me, my life is fulfilling (and quite a bit easier)

“If you knew how great is a mother’s love,”
Wendy told them triumphantly,
“you would have no fear.”

Happy Mother’s Day

mother's day