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Reading: Things written on paper

Writing About: Intentionality, Slowing Down, Nostalgia, Cassette Tapes 

Let me acknowledge my bias

I am not one of those guys who thinks the past is always better than the present.
I once wrote about that idea
Quick summary: the future is scary and unpredictable.
The past only seems better because it is sealed, and we edit out the bad bits.

So I am not that guy.  But I am a late adopter.
I move along, slowly and skeptically.
I am still a little salty about getting a smart-phone, but I’ve had one for a year.
So you can understand why I believe there is some inherent value in things time has left behind.

The natural progression of all things new and cool

into it over it


Everything Old is New Again

Examine the evidence:

When I was in 7th grade (1993) I wore a Jim Morrison shirt to school every 3 days.
I suppose kids now wear Kurt Cobain or Bradley Nowell,
their kids will wear Amy Winehouse or DJ somebody.

When I was in college it was cool to collect vinyl…as the iPod was being introduced.
(also, by those standards, I was cool)
Now the worst format in music history is making a comeback; cassette tapes.  No Joke!

This article challenges you to tell the difference between a 1920s criminal
and a modern male model.
I don’t want to brag, but I got a 7/8.
hint: it’s the quality of the photograph, not the fashion sense of the man that gives it away.
modelAlso, I’m sure you’ve seen this sort of thing:

6 celebrities who use flip phones
Slow Food
Practical effects, because we don’t believe C.G.I. anymore

you get the point right?

Slow Down

I believe the appeal to all of this is bigger than nostalgia.
The ridiculous inefficiency of a straight razor shave and mustache waxing.
Holding 60 minutes of music encased in plastic, then finding a place and time to play it.

I am sure we have all recognized that E-Books will never dethrone paper.

Early adopters must always be exhausted.
Faster, Newer, More Information, More connection.
I’ll be dead before you can send me a work email on my phone.
Mark My Digital Words. It ain’t gonna happen.


A friend recently wrote me a letter.

He put pen to paper, you can see the indentions where he applied pressure.
That took effort.
It was not an email.
It was not a text.
“black water on dead wood”, sent across the country in cars.
I keep my email inbox at Zero New Messages.
I have never returned to a text message in my life.
But that letter has been on my desk for 6 weeks.