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Reading: The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

Writing About: Being a Part of a Big Family

I was not raised in a large family.
My Wife was not raised in a large family.

Fun fact:
My family’s headcount = The house I grew up in + the house my wife grew up in.
That logic makes sense on paper, but it’s not common.

big family

Needless to say everything we know about being a big family,
We have learned in the last few years, as a big family.
These are some of those things:

Not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, half a loaf of bread.
Not one movie ticket, seven movie tickets.
One kid running in the house-cute, 5 kids-not cute

2 kids in each tub, 2 tubs full at once (baby runs loose)
If a kid can reach their drawer, they can dress themselves
4 kids = 2 soccer teams = one practice day and time  (baby runs loose during practice)

Our family is a sore thumb in every public situation.
Some people stare in delight, more stare in utter confusion.
I can’t over state how many sideways glances we get, everywhere.

Noise in the house is like mic feedback, if it catches on it blows up.
When everyone’s having fun, EVERYONE IS HAVING FUN!
It’s not impossible to turn the tide, but “turning the tide” is a good way to talk about it.

Someone is always sick.
Of course, we have one with immunity issues. But odds are if you have tons, you’re going to have some with health issues.
Sicky quarantines make us feel better, but are utterly ineffective.

If you invite Fullers, you will know we are there.
If you are making plans with Fullers, we make things complicated.
House Gravity:  things work well in our closed system…it takes a little more boost for us to break free of our spaces and routines.

Early bed time is king, good for kids (GREAT for parents)
Our crew feels like 4+1 not 5, the baby changes everything.
For us: more kids=less extra curricular activities.  Kids have to choose what they really love. 5 kids who each have 3 outside-the-home-hobbies creates a lot of logistical problems.  I have no problem with this fact.

I knew Leslie and I were called to do what we did with our family.
I knew it was right, and that it would be okay (because we were called!)
What I didn’t anticipate, probably because I had no big family experience:
It is really fun.
I love our family, lots of kids opens a world of possibilities that are mostly fantastic!
People think we are crazy, and I understand that.
I don’t want to understate the challenges,
and I don’t want paint us as martyrs.

But I can say clearly and confidently:
We really have a great time together!

I didn’t know what it would be like,
But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

big family things