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Cheat Day

I made a new year’s resolution. I’m going to lose some pounds.
Because of my resolution I am not eating any sweets right now.

Except, on my birthday, I did eat some sweets.
Because I was the birthday boy.

Having a piece of cake didn’t satisfy my desire for sugar.
I hadn’t even finished my first piece before I thought
“Am I going to have six of these”


I was listening to a podcast on road rage the other day.
They cited an article that showed (with research)
that “venting” isn’t a helpful way to reduce anger.

Screaming at the top of your lungs in your car
Or punching the steering wheel,
Is, apparently, just a way to practice being out of control.

The darker version of this idea
is the well documented link
between violence towards animals and violence towards humans.

Anger isn’t evil, in and of itself…
But apparently leaning into it,
thinking it will run it’s course,
just isn’t effective.

Common knowledge / bad logic

Not every 19 year old college kid is trying to not have sex.
But I was.

One very common pieces of advice I got
when people learned that I was trying to wait to have sex
Was to watch  pornography.

The logic seems clear:
If you don’t want to have sex,
You’ve got to have an outlet.

On paper, to an “outside observer” that makes perfect sense.
But it just doesn’t work.

Vigilance is King

I think the lesson I am aiming at here
is that if you want to achieve or avoid something,
It’s probably best to aim directly at (or away from) that thing.

Back to the diet thing:
I decided it was important to lose some pounds,
That’s a goal I made for myself.
Eating a piece of cake makes me want 50 pieces of cake.
So, as long as I’m still aiming at the weight goal.
I’m not going to be eating any cake.

Pounds aren’t evil,
Cake isn’t evil.
Anger isn’t evil.
Sex isn’t evil.
But they all have a lot of gravity.

If you know where you want to go,
Maybe, don’t plan a bunch of fly-bys.

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