Listening to: Dolly telling it like it is

Reading: A million pamphlets from a thousand different agencies

Writing About: Adoptions – Options

I. Unofficial Spokesperson/Fake Expert:

In the last few years I have had the opportunity
to talk about adoption or foster care in a few public settings.
I have also written about it quite a bit (it is the reason I started blogging)

Here are some of the previous entries:
Ten Ways to Get Involved
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big deal

As a result, I have had a lot of conversations
About how adoption works.

There are millions of ways to find out about the adoption process(es)
Official promotional releases
from credible experts and professionals.
We will call that whole body of work “Level Two Research”
This post is “Level One”

In place of expertise, I will offer biased honesty.
In place of a sea of details, I will offer sweeping generalities.
Level One stuff.
Imprecise, Contradictory, Basic Information.

My method is pro/con.
There are plenty of these pros and cons that I personally take issue with.
Conversation, not persuasion, is the goal here.
Question fodder, for your follow up research.

People think about these things,
(some people even say them out loud!)
I have thought these things.
They are noble, and ugly.
Practical and philosophical.

They are not sensitive or careful.
If that’s what you’re looking for, skip on to “Level Two”

II. Your Three Options:

If you want to adopt, and live in the United States
There are three paths you can choose from.
No one is better than any other,
any one of them may be a part of your calling,
or a “best fit” for your family of situation.

Here are some broad outlines of each path:








How Adoption Works