Listening to: Bon Jovi

Reading: Just Mercy (It’s true, this time. I am actually reading that)

Writing About: A Timeline of a pretty crappy night (with a good punchline)

Afternoon: Anna goes to doctor, is sick, gets prescription and a follow up appt.

5:00 | Mom brings home medicine, all other kids in various states of “about to go to bed”

6:00 | Mom begins giving Anna some of the worst medicine in the world.

7:00 | Dad steps in to save the day, and finish the job!

7:45 | Dad is not doing well.  No one is happy.

7:50 | Anna takes last bit of medicine

7:52 | Anna pukes Medicine all over floor

7:53 | Dad gets dressed for 8:00 meeting  in the closet with the lights off (because the baby is asleep)

7:58 | Dad walks into very important meeting (looking like this)