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Reading: This year’s reading listbecause I resolved to do it!

Writing About: Next Year’s Resolutions

A little Background Info 

  1. I have a pretty good track record with making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions.
    I don’t say that to brag, even though I do think I am pretty awesome,
    It is relevant because this post completes last year’s resolution.
    Also, I wanted to brag.
  2. Looking back smooths things out, the bad bits sink (or rise..but I’m an optimist)
    For instance, some years had multiple resolutions (side goals),
    But I only documented the ones I completed.
    Except for 2013, when I didn’t keep any.
  3. I like to feel challenged, that is the heart of these things.
    To see if I am capable of doing things I think are good, or important.
    The answer seems to be: sometimes.

Without Further ado

This is post #52 of this year.
Not exactly one a week, but I’m counting it.

Side note: If you set goals for yourself,
You are the score keeper and the referee.
It’s a pretty sweet position to be in.

Next Year I plan to:
Write 25 posts.
Because 52 was too many, but I did enjoy writing.

Finish my Reading List (linked above in the title)
Because I like planning what I read, and I read a lot more when I make a plan.

Lose some weight
I have a strategy, it’s simple and regimented.
But for whatever reason, it feels super obnoxious to outline this one.
Maybe because of the implied (but false) knowledge of nutrition/health/workout routines,
Maybe because it’s just a sensitive issue.
Anyway, i have a plan.  

The Phone
I wouldn’t say I am addicted to my phone in any way.
But in the last three months I have gotten more used to picking it up just to waste time.
Next year if I am not sending or receiving a text,
Sending or receiving a phone call, or
God Forbid: Checking a voicemail
I won’t pick up my phone.




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