Listening to: Sting

Reading: The Polar Express

Writing About: Santa, again! 

The Set Up

Last Christmas I told my kids Santa was not real

This Christmas, they seem to have forgotten all of that.

Tonight I read  The Polar Express to the Kids.
It ends with that classic line about
Hearing the bell if you still believe
(in Santa Clause…I hate him now)

“Daddy isn’t going to hear a bell”
“Yeah, Daddy doesn’t believe in Santa”

Do You See What Happened There?

Why was it:
“Daddy doesn’t believe”
Instead of:
“Daddy told us the truth, Santa isn’t real”

So now I am in a father-faith crisis.
Don’t I determine what is true,
then tell them?
So, I wrote some more haikus.

I am sure this will get tiresome, eventually

All Aboard

The Polar Express
Left the house, Dad not on board
Hey, Kids! Come back here!

Bells are for Believers

Jay and Anna heard
But Daddy doesn’t believe
No gifts for Daddy

Early Adolescence 

Hormones in the milk?
Sucka, when did you turn 12?
I’m the boss in here!

Nobody’s Talking About Mommy
(And Mommy Ain’t Talkin Either!)

Well, Fine. Daddy’s out.
Silent, Mom watched it happen.
Is she getting gifts?

Dad’s Humbling Revelation

It’s a scary thought:
“You decide what to believe”
I could just tell you ! ?

Now, I’m just a guide
I thought I was the driver.
God, lead them to Truth!

Maybe the kids will pray for me before bed tonight!
“Dear Santa, please bring Daddy faith!”

chump santa