Listening to: Edward Sharpe

Reading: My 2015 Google Calendar (as a refresher)
Writing About: My Family This Year!

family update no dates

This (above) is a Fuller Family Update for 2015.
It includes very short blurbs about my family.
It turns out I had already written about most of the highlights.

So here comes a round-up of posts I wrote this year
that were mentioned in the update picture.

We went on a Staycation!

We have a cat that we don’t care about!

We added two new Fullers!

Mae Mae went to the Hospital!

I complained about the Hospital Week!

I went to Guatemala!

*Mental Note, write about school!

*Mental Note, write about Juliet!

I went to Budapest!

On a related note,
I made a new year’s resolution to write once a week.
It is almost the end of the year.
This compilation of links counts.

On another related note,
If you make new year’s resolutions
You are in charge of the rules and application.


fuller update fb pic