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Writing about: Things other people wrote about

Reading: Books.  This whole thing is just a list of books.

Let me Catch You Up

Last year I wrote a post about what I had read and what I wanted to read.
Here is a summary of that post:
I love seeing what other people read (or listen to)
I feel tempted to make my list some kind of statement about who I am.

Not just what I want to read, but also (perhaps)
things I don’t really want to read,
But want you to think I may read.

This Year I read (in order of stackability)

The Sandman: Endless Nights | Neil Gamman
I wanted to know what all the fuss was about, but I inadvertently chose a “b-sides” compilation.
The primary driver of what I read is what I find in used book sales.
My strategy betrayed me on this one.

The Rap Yearbook | Shea Serrano
I never borrow books, but I borrowed this one.
It was unbelievably enjoyable.
I don’t imagine a lot of folks who will read this love hip-hop,
So, maybe it’s not for you.  But it was fantastic!

The Moral Intelligence of Children | Robert Coles
Maybe I’ve been out of the academic environment for too long.
The subject matter is right up my alley;
this book could have been one very informative paragraph.
I never give up on books, I always feel I have to finish.
So I did.  Hooray for me, I win!

The Imitation Of Christ | Thomas a Kempis
I am sure that I have told someone I read and appreciated this book,
at some point in my lifetime.
I even said “I have started this many times, and loved it” in last year’s post.
I was clearly lying, or at least fronting.

Ministers, Christian Smart Guys, “Advanced Daily Devotional” crew, etc.
Have you read this thing?
I don’t get it, the tone and content really rubbed me the wrong way.

Yes Please | Amy Poehler
This is unfair, and super annoying.
But this was no “Bossypants”

Till we Have Faces | C.S. Lewis
Once again my instinct to read
whatever I run across for $.50 failed me.
It is probably a crime that I have read this,
But not Narnia.

The Know-It-All | A.J. Jacobs
This was, hands down, the most enjoyable thing I read this year.

Abba’s Child | Brennan Manning
I make my interns read, we read this together.
I am not sure they loved it, but I don’t care.
This book is incredible!

The Intellectual Devotional, American History | Kidder and Oppenheim
This is a trivia book.
I am going to be honest,
It lived in a towel rack all year.
You know, the towel rack that is in the bathroom.
You understand what I’m getting at right?
I don’t have an iPad.

The Jungle Books | Rudyard Kipling
I didn’t know there was going to be a reboot of the movie.
I am so excited about this.
I don’t think I have ever read a novel and seen a newly released movie about it.
Everyone has had this experience, I will soon!

God Behaving Badly | David Lamb
This book takes a look at the ridiculously difficult portions of the Bible,
and tries to make sense of them (historical context, context in the canon, etc).
It was kind of helpful, and not at all bad.
But it did keep me in the most difficult portions of the Bible for a good while.

Toxic Charity | Robert Lupton
*Confirmation Bias alert, this is my professional wheelhouse,
this book helps outline how I want to lead our local poverty related ministries.
So, there’s that.
On another note, this guy is probably a cold-hearted robot.
I am his philosophical offspring.
Take it or leave it, I gave the bias alert!

The Outsiders | S.E. Hinton
I never read anything I was supposed to read in High School.
Or Middle School.
Or the first two years of college.
I mostly got by on my natural charm and good looks.
I missed out on this one!

Winnesburg, Ohio | Sherwood Anderson
This book caused a sea change in my reading habits.
For the first time in my life, I said to myself:
“I am not enjoying this, maybe I should stop reading it”
So I did.
I did not finish this book.  And I never will.
For me, that is revolutionary.
(see the commentary on Moral Intellegince )

Lord of the Flies | William Golding
I did read this one in my post college efforts
to catch up on all the books I skipped.
But I didn’t have kids then.
If you have young kids, don’t read this.

New Seeds of Contemplation | Thomas Merton
Again, intern related.
But this is probably my all time favorite book.
I may do it again next year!

Real Leaders Don’t Do Powerpoint | Christopher Witt
I loved the ideas in this book.
It would have been a super helpful trifold brochure.

The Queue for Next Year

The Winds of Winter.  (just kidding, we all know we won’t see that this year)
Fight Club 2 (I know they started releasing these in single issues, but I want to wait for the whole thing)
The Life You Can Save | Pete Singer
The Areas of my Expertise | John Hodgkin
Jesus wants to Save Christians and Velvet Elvis | Rob Bell
The Changing Face of World Mission | (compilation of essays)
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? | Mindy Kalling
Peter Pan | J.M. Barrie
11/22/63 | Stephen King
Unclean | Richard Beck

reading list