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Reading: This Post about telling my kids Santa was not real

Writing About: The baffling return of Santa Clause

Let Me Catch You Up:

Last year I told our kids Santa wasn’t real.
It wasn’t about the principle, I wasn’t taking a stand.
I got cornered by the direct question, which I answered.
Want to hear the story?
Read the post. (linked above)

We still pretended.
They got presents from Santa.

Then, like all kids, no one talked about Santa for 11 months.
Then, like all kids, they started talking again.

The Return of Santa Clause
We were all so sure
Everyone was in on it
Knock, Knock.  ?   Ho, Ho, Ho!

How it All Went Down
“How does he do it?”
“Santa? Um, what do you think?”
“Flying Magic Sled!”

Your Move Dad
brand new waiting game
They’re going to ask again
Or maybe they won’t

Do they know, deep down?
Faith skirts the memory jab
For now, re-believe

santa back