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Writing About: Black Friday


Last year I wrote a Thanksgiving article,
It wasn’t super pleasant,
(and it is among t
he weirdest of all of my posts)
But it is far less obnoxious than this one.
Don’t want to be annoyed by a rant:
read this post about Turkey Romance
If you keep scrolling, that’s on you.
I warned you.

It’s That Time of Year Again

Every year around this time,
The spirit of my 18-year-old self wants to pitch a fit
about consumerism and debt.
And wealth and poverty.
About giving thanks, and the meaning of Christmas.

I want to stand up in righteous anger
and wave my fist in the face of Black Friday.
I want to turn over tables
and bask in my own sense of righteousness.

I really want to hate Black Friday,
But even more than that;
I want everyone to feel guilty about participating.

Pragmatism and Idealism

As a black and white thinker,
I feel pretty confident that Black Friday
(and the various other coattail riding holidays)
Are bad for us, collectively.

But here is the thing:
My family is going to purchase things.
Christmas things.
We have lists and plans.

Does the day we purchase these things
make them any more or less holy?
Are we less materialistic if we purchase things today,
Instead of Friday?
I doubt it.

What if I actually save money on things I plan to buy?
Which moral principle takes precedence:
Financial Stewardship or Resisting Materialism?

If You’re Gonna do it, Be Reasonable:

  1. Stick to the plan:  What do you want to give to people you love?  Buy those things.
  2. Stay in control: Every store knows what they want you to buy. But they don’t love the people you are buying for.  Buy what you set out to buy, buy it on purpose.  Then go home.
  3. Credit is Evil:  Don’t have the money to buy the gifts you wan to buy? Wait…or make a plan to buy gifts you can afford.
  4. Be Nice:  Your cashier came to work at 3 a.m.  be nice to them.
    Don’t want people to leave their family meal to go to work?
    Don’t go shopping on Black Friday,
    they are responding to demand we create.
  5. Are you Saving Money?  I am not going to do your research for you, but it is common knowledge that many items are not cheapest on Black Friday.  Don’t get swept up in the hype, do your research.  If you aren’t saving, sleep in!
  6. Is there some other way?   There has to be some other way to get these gifts, right?  It doesn’t have to be Black Friday does it?

Never mind, I take it all back:

Don’t do it.
Stay Home.
Woe be unto you!
(Finger wag)

I am pretty sure the whole thing is
Utterly, irreconcilably evil.

Black Friday