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Writing About: Candy, Generosity, Obsession

My son is obsessed with Candy

I know every kid is.  But he is more so.
Seriously, I can’t overstate how much he loves and thinks about Candy.
O – B – S – E – S – S – E – D

Training Tiny Communists

As soon as the kids got home with their Halloween loot
They decided it would be best to pour all of their bags into one common pile.
I told them, it could never be separated.
The Candy is all that would exist, not My Candy

Just the Facts

My Candy-Obsessed son was overwhelmed.
He was ecstatic, in candy Heaven.

Then he noticed the basket of Candy we set aside
to give away to trick-or-treaters that came to our house.

He started taking giant handfuls of The Candy
and putting them into our “give away” basket.

How could this not be some kind of lesson?

  1.  A generous attitude wants great things for other people.
    I Love Candy | I have lots of Candy  | Take some, you’ll love it !
  2. It’s easy to be generous when you know you’ve been given what you have.
    Candy given to me graciously | Candy given away graciously
  3. Hording and Stinginess are counter productive
    More Candy For Me | Less Fun For All /  Bigger Pile | More Friends | More Fun!
  4. Candy is fleeting, partake (and give) zealously while you can!
    Dad is throwing this all away tomorrow | May as well help someone enjoy it

The Benediction

Go Forth, this November, loving and giving generously.
Hold loosely all of the things that have been given to you.
And remember:
Where your candy is, there your heart will be also