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Pre Dawn Zombies
It was two a.m. when the tiny cry crept through the monitor; my wife rolled over slowly, and whispered “I got it last time”……


Locked Up!
I always knew that one day some doomed young man woudl tell my daughter he wanted to date her. When that day came, I knew what I had to do; so the flashing lights in the driveway were no surprise.
locked up

The Last Man on Earth
Mom had spent a weekend away before, but this weeked was different…this time, the grandparents were out of town too…

last man

The Caffeine Conundrum

No one really knows where it came from, but the fact was undeniable; someone had given the boys soda. That grissly shopkeeper had outlined the rules: No Caffiene for the Boys! But, lo, it was too late.

The Time Machine
Lightning stikes! Dad is catapulted into his inevitable future. He should have been prepared, but he was constantly suprised: Who bought his daughter’s clothing! Where did his hair go, is it hiding under that giant gut?
“Son, where did that mustache come from?…no, no I didn’t mean it that way…ow…seriously let me up, I can still take you, Boy…okay, Uncle, enough, let me up!”
time machine

It Came From the Bowels
What did that kid eat? This defies all logic and science; there must be some hidden origin. Something much more sinister, much darker.
the bowels

I was sure the baby was in deep sleep when I picked him up to move him into bed; I couldn’t have been more wrong….
The Revelation
It happened, I am my father.