Listening to: The Avett Brothers (or Elvis, or Johnny Cash)

Reading: Genesis 1-4

Writing About: A loose paraphrase of the creation story, written by a guy with a big family.


 In the Beginning:

Before there were children, in those quiet and gentle years;
The Holy Trinity was content to sit around having deep conversations.
They would talk late into the night and sleep late the next day.
(*except there wasn’t really night or day then. Cut me some slack: Paraphrase!  -editor)

These were good times.

Let’s Make Something

No one can quite remember whose idea it was.
But one night, a conversation boiled up:
“We should make something beautiful”

Plans were set: agendas, timelines, spreadsheets.
It was kind of like planning a Hawaiian vacation;
“Should we do the volcano tour on Tuesday or Wednesday?”

This was a good plan.

Just things, not People:

The early days of the project were beautiful and serene.

Staking out the terrain, giving it a little light.

There were a lot of scuffles over the water.
Where exactly should it go?

Days rolled on, furniture and decorum created and moved.
Everything just so.
All in it’s right place.
Beautiful and Quiet.
(*No Kids. -editor)

All of this was Good.

Maybe we Should Get a Pet:

(* I am not here to question the Judgment of God almighty,
but creation was probably pretty great already.
Why make things that move?
They’re going to dishevel it all.
And they just got the water in the right places.  -editor)

Great place, just feels a little empty (I guess).
Not quite done.

So God almighty started making squirmy things and dirty things.
Feathers, scales, fur.

They were all beautiful, they were all good;
and they multiplied.
So many pets.

(*too many, really.  -editor)



The Beginning of the End, also…the end of the beginning 

Then God reached down into the dirt, and made a man.
Which was appropriate;
since the man would mostly remain covered in dirt.

Children get bored.
Tired of the relentless hassling,
God put the man in charge of the animals.
“That’ll keep him busy”

But lo, it did not keep the man busy.

“What are we going to do now God?”
“Do you want to play in the dirt with me, God?”
“I’m going to hide, you come find me”

The man was obnoxious.
The man needed a mate.

God put the man to sleep.
For a moment, it was quiet again.
God remembered the quiet.  It was good.

God made a woman.
God said: “The two are better than one, right?”
God thought, maybe…more?
Things were not going well.

God put up a baby gate,
Left the room,
And rested.
God took a break, and it was good.

Then, Cain killed his brother with a rock.
It goes on and on like this.
And it is good.