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Reading: Poetry for Young People | Robert Frost

Writing About: Things Dads do

In the delivery Room

Mom works, Dad worries
Mom pushes, Dad paces
“Support” is a generous way of saying:
“Just stay out of the way”

Dad’s Job: Soak it in, Send the updates.

Infant Dad

Sometimes Mom doesn’t breastfeed.
But Dad never does.

Infants barely have preferences,
But have you ever seen one prefer Dad ?
Of course you haven’t !

Dad’s Job: Do the dirty work, get the first baby chuckle.

Toddler Dad

Someone has to pull that band aid off, and quick.
Who’s going to let go of the seat of your two wheel bike ?

If you’re on the front of Dad’s paddle board,
Believe we’re going out to the second sand bar.

I personally shine, when it’s time to give disgusting medicine.
It’s not pretty.  Dad stuff.

Dad’s Job:  Put on the helmet, and life vest…then, just a little bit of danger.

Mae went to the Hopsital

The elevator was not big enough for the bed, mom, the nurse and me.

Dad’s Job: hold the bag, send mom up. Wait for the next elevator.

Have you ever seen a sitcom?

Dad is a bumbling idiot:
Homer Simpson. Al Bundy.
Herman Munster. Goofy.
Every dad Seth MacFarlane has ever created.

Papa Bear (Papa Berenstain?  Berenstein?) is always wrong:
He eats too many sweets.
He caves when the kids pitch a fit.

Real Life Dad’s Job: Don’t be an idiot.

One day my Girls will be grown:

Someone has to intimidate their suitors.
I am capable of that.

I hope they feel loved, deeply and permanently.
I hope I have provided the kind of safety
That makes then bold enough to try big things.

I hope they change the world.

Dad’s Job: Don’t screw this up!

One Day my Boys will be Grown

After a lifetime of being observed,
All day every day.
I hope they have seen love.

I pray that I show my boys a life worth living.
I pray they will feel powerful, and act humbly.

I want them to know they can do anything,
and I want them to choose to do what is good and right.

Dad’s Job: Don’t Screw this up!


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