Listening to: Bob Marley



Reading: Price tags of things I have broken

Writing About: Mistakes, Memory, Monuments

I once drove into my garage
with two paddle boards strapped to the top of the van.
The van went in, the paddle boards did not.

I had a real and deep emotional connection
with the fin that broke.
This is not typical for me, to love things.
This fin served me for 15 years on 4 different boards.
And it was beautiful.

Now I hang it from a string.
In front of the garage door.
Every time I leave with the paddle boards on the roof.

As if to gently remind me:
“Tyler, you are capable of real stupidity”
“Now go on and enjoy the beach”
One day one of my kids will put a huge dent
in the car that they will inevitably share.

If the damage is so extensive
That I can’t just leave the dent.

I hope to replace the affected parts
With junkyard parts that don’t match.

As if to tell them
“Son, remember.  You did this. And it was dumb”
“Now go pick up your sister.”