Listening to: A Straw Man

Reading: Memes from My Facebook Feed

Writing about: Reasonable discourse, talking like humans

What is a Straw Man:

User One:  I really Love Labor Day. I had a great time eating grilled foods with my family.
User Two:  The Labor movement is evil, it always has been.
User Three:  Yeah, you should have remembered the troops.
User Four:  Meat is murder, and you’re evil.
User Five: If you love your family so much, why did you vaccinate them?
User Six: Not all of us have the luxury of taking a holiday. I hate you!
User Seven: You may have enjoyed labor day, but my favorite Pet Issue still matters more.

Tips forTalking Like Humans:

  1. Not everyone is talking about “your thing.”
  2. That doesn’t mean “your thing” isn’t important.
  3. No one has ever changed their mind because of a meme.
  4. Disagree, that’s fine.  But do it in a straightforward and honest way.
  5. Listen well, respond directly, repeat.
  6. The internet is not a good place to talk about this.
  7. You probably don’t want to talk about it on the internet.
  8. Are you on the internet?  Maybe hold your tongue.
  9. Ok fine, so you’re gonna post something. At least watch your tone.

The Part I keep deleting (Who’s Life Matters)

Lost My Nerve.
Deleted it, and giving up.

This is the internet, I probably shouldn’t bring it up here.

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