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Reading: Last week’s post about faith and growing up
Here It Is ’cause I’ll bet you didn’t read it (more on that later)

Writing About: Faith that is dynamic (open to growth / change), music, mountaintops

A Word about Me and Process

I really loved last week’s post.
Also, it was among the least read posts I have ever put up.
So I guess you should know this about me:
I write because I really enjoy it
(and I made a new year’s resolution)
But I also check my stats. I know my view counts.
So there’s that.
In case you weren’t paying attention:
I just admitted to really loving something I myself wrote,
and to checking my own stats.
The soul of a blogger, right?

So when it came time to write for this week I thought,
why not double down?  So here I go.

College Sophomore: 

You’re a seasoned veteran now.
You have probably just finished the process
of making a cannon of things you will inevitably be nostalgic for.
Dubstep is probably in it, because it is doomed to nostalgia, it has no future.
It’s Ska.  It’s Hair Metal. It had it’s time, and it’s time was your time.

You may not be sure if you love Taylor Swift in a genuine way or an ironic way.
But in 5 years, you will love T. Swift for the nostalgia factor.

I think what I am trying to do here, is keep your faith out of the nostalgia bin.

Another Apology (from a youth minister):

We loved to get you all fired up!
It made us feel good at our jobs.
We knew we were successful when you were passionate.

And you loved getting all fired up (about all sorts of things)
But we’ll keep it in the faith realm for this discussion.

As a middle schooler you may have been absolutely committed to Young Earth Creationism
(A subject I have kind of written about: The one about Kent Hovind )

As a high schooler you may have burned to find Kony or end Human Trafficking
(There are really only like 5 subjects I ever write about:  The one about Causes )

We worked hard to create environments
where you could have an emotional experience with music.
We built escalators to mountaintops, and you ran up.
When you raised your hands, we knew things were happening.

This is my personal experience as a youth group kid, and a youth group leader.
This is what we do.

And I kind of take it back…I’m not sorry.
All of that is real, and important.
It’s just not Everything.  Right?

When the Environments Disappear:

The problem we created, your problem, has to do with the nature of long term faith.

Somewhere along the line we taught you (explicitly or implicitly)
That your faith was thriving when you felt it,
And dying when you didn’t.

Then you went to college.
And you kind of didn’t care about human trafficking.
You may have still written a couple of papers, but you lost the burning passion.

You can’t find the environment that “feeds you”
No one is the worship leader you love.
Church is boring (because it isn’t youth group).

So you feel like you’ve lost your faith,
It has become routine, uninteresting.

Maybe All I Need is a Shot in the Arm


College Sophomore,
Don’t go chasing the same high that got you to where you are in the faith.
The same singing, social engagement, Christian Community, weekend retreat, whatever.

Those things got you to where you are.
They are real.
And Good.
And Important.

But They are not all there is.

They are part of your experience.
But they are not, in and of themselves, your faith.

What You Once Were Isn’t What you Want to Be Anymore

When you get tired of the songs that changed your life,
When you don’t care about the cause,
When you aren’t feeling your church……

When you yearn for a community of teenagers,
Doing teenager things.

Just remember, You’re not a Teenager Anymore.
And Bring Your Faith With You!