Listening to: They Might Be Giants

Reading: An Explanation of the post credits scene from Ant-Man

Writing about: Science, Rest, Things that make me feel small.

The Science
(from a guy who took zero science classes in college and seminary..literally):


Atoms are the building blocks of all matter.
Atoms are %99.9 empty space.
Look, a real source!


Outer Space is mostly Empty
Two real sources. A+ for me!


The Logic Leap:


Most of what we can observe in our universe,
On a micro and macro scale,
Appears to be empty space.

The Theology:

If our lives are informed by the patterns of Creation;
And we observe that most of Creation is margin.

empty space.


And we understand that God demonstrated rest
in the work of Creation itself (Sabbath Day Rest)……

The Sermon:

We should probably not be so busy.

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