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A Very Brief Explanation:
Mission Okaloosa is a week-long mission trip that I have been involved with for a bunch of really great years. It is primarily for students; but has included parents, grandparents, infants, and etc.  We work mostly with non-profit agencies all around our county (and beyond), but we have (from time to time) done some work for individuals / families.  It is happening right now.

What I Love about Mission Okaloosa:

1. Teenagers Want to do Good: 
Year after year we see teenagers who, given the opportunity and proper structure, are just dying to do good things.  And they do!

2. Keep it Local:
The trip feels like home.  It honors our community and all the good that is happening here.  It reminds me how much good can be done with one tank of gas.

3. The Best Kind of Community:
Mission Okaloosa creates genuine community among students and leaders because they are united around a common cause.  Others-centered service over-rides the traditional barriers to community (age, interest, income, etc.)

4. It’s just good P.R.:
We don’t have a lot to offer out sites. We are mostly unskilled and young.  We have done great and shabby work.  But at the end of the day we are able to show our people the great things going on right under their noses, and that is something!

5.  I Love Okaloosa:
Being born and raised Boggy, it warms my heart when a team finishes at a Val-P worksite, then goes down Turkey Creek together.

6.  It is truly Mission:
Putting faith in action in our own neighborhood helps us remember that mission happens internationally, and locally.

7.  Celebrating the Kingdom:
We aren’t the saving Grace of any site we visit, in fact we are (in many ways) a burden.  We can’t offer much skill or money, we are a large group, we are loud, we are young.  But, from a position of humility and service, we get a really great peek into the Kingdom work that is happening on the sites we visit.

We don’t bring God.
We see God who was at work before we arrived,
will continue to work after we leave,
and certainly does a lot in us while we are there!

Mission Okaloosa marroon