Listening to:  Edward Sharp

Reading: Alexander

Writing about: A tough week, catharsis and art, #@%!

I. Dear Diary
I am pretty sure complaining is the essential blog writer experience, so I guess I have finally arrived.

II.  Tone Deaf
I have confederate flag and gay marriage drafts saved, but this is the one I wanted to write this week.

III.  The Context
My wife spent a week in the hospital with my daughter, I brought my mother and kids out for a few days.

IV. The Bread Winner
being super stressed with work tasks seems insignificant (but felt real).

V. Clear Eyed Evaluation
Our daughter is OK, and she is not suffering…nobody is great, and we had (and have) reason to be concerned, but we are ok.

VII. Off The Wagon
You know what makes me feel happier when I am having a tough time?
Refined Sugar. I ate a lot of that.
Forget all the things I said when I felt resolute ( the post about new year’s )

VIII. Comfort Music
I play drums in our rock-and-roll worship band, but when I look for catharsis from music I always look outside of our church’s range and catalog.
(I actually made a playlist to sulk to this week):

IX. Handling Holy Things
I have heard this preacher-ism about handling Holy things until they feel common, I think this could be part of the logic behind VIII.  When I help lead worship I have a metronome, a midi track, and a producer giving tips all in my ears
nothing bad about any of that…just a little “work-y”

X. Carried by Community
I like to imagine myself as a solitary man, but my mother, wife, co-workers, and friends made this week possible. I had to ask for help and take it, I could not and did not accomplish the things I needed to, and someone else did.  There, i said it!

XI.  OogleGae
I took latin in High School, but I am about to start Googling Roman Numerals, at some point it goes beyond X,V, and I.

XII.  Progress
One way we can quantify healing in our sons is their ability to adapt to and cope with sudden changes, they were champions this week.

XIII.  Your Favorite Pastor’s Favorite Pastor
My old boss is not on Facebook, he’ll never read this.
We dropped three of our kids off at VBS for one day in St. Augustine while I spent the day in the hospital and my mom got a well-deserved break.  Within an hour of finding out about our situation, Pastor Pat drove an hour to visit Mae in the hospital.  That was kind and inspiring.

XIV.  Life is Beautiful
My life is good, my family is great, my community is supportive…all of those things shine through more clearly during a rough week.

XV.  Filtered Feed
If my mind had visible subtitles, this week would have been peppered with those Q-Bert squiggles that represent curse words, I’m just sayin.