Listening to: Another Song about Lists

Reading: Genesis 35: 23-26

Writing about: Little stacks of things (Again)

To Start, 5 Haikus.  
Tried to keep it short this week.
Counting this as One.

Regrettable New Year’s resolution
When facing the choice
Between bad post and no post
I did my duty

Boring Sermons
Preachers sometimes say
Sunday is always coming
Can’t always win, in the grind

Cards fanned, Losing hand
it’s looking ugly
bad time to up the ante
Better Cut and Run

Top 5 Sequels:
1. Terminator Two
2. The Empire Strikes back
3. The Two Towers
4. Toy Story Two
5. X-Men Two
Top 5 Ways to Cheat Your New Year's Resolution:
1. Eat sweets on special occasions
2. Phone in your weekly blog post
3. Give up in February
4. (see #2)
5. (See #4)

Top 5 Signs that You're Not as Young As You Used to Be:
1. It's Too Loud
2. Things on your favorites lists are getting older, not replaced.
3. Still feel compelled to impress, but more soreness afterwards
4. Frequent Holier-than-thou citicism of ridiculous fashion trends
5. Wide ranging unawareness of ridiculous fashion trends
Top 5 Fuller Blog Posts (By Views)
The Comic Book One
The One About Mae Mae
The One About Leslie
The Fist One About Foster Care
The Fist One (about youth ministry)

Bottom 5 Fuller Blog Posts (by Views, and interpersonal feedback)
jokes about old men bands
the One Where I badmouth Sports
hashtag game full of obscure references
the one about lists and puppets
the one you are currently reading (you can always tell)