Listening to: Songs about Teamwork

Reading: This riveting collection of reports, schedules, and etc.

Writing about: Cowboys, Teamwork, Denominations

The United Methodist Church is a democracy, governed by policies written and modified by it’s people.
Every United Methodist church is part of a connected system.
Is anyone still reading?

I, Rev. Fuller,  am currently at our “Annual Conference”
here are some vignettes about my experience with this sort of thing:

Two Presbyterians and a Methodist go for a walk:
Our major learning:  Hey, your system is ridiculous too.
Our only hope:  At least we’re not cowboys, going at it alone.

The weakest rebel of all time:
I’ve never been drunk
I’ve never smoked anything at all
In fact I’ve never done any sort of drug….
But I do know a lot about punk rock between 1985 – 2000.

I can’t help but brainstorm polite disruptions.
I don’t want to push the podium over,
but it would be awesome if I could make the Bishop’s phone ring while he is talking.
Take that, system!

This is my circus, these are my monkeys:
I was recently at a funeral where a picture of grandma smoking a joint was prominently displayed in a slide show.  Several teenagers snickered then looked at me (this is not an ego thing, they actually turned 180 degrees to look)….I assume they thought I didn’t know what was going on because, you know, Reverend Fuller.  I remember leaving thinking “I feel comfortable with these people”

I don’t feel comfortable in any way at annual conference.
But I do really like the people.
Not just the work they represent, they are good people.
That shouldn’t be surprising, but it is.

Team Player:
I like my church, I had a choice, and I made it.  I like being part of a team.  I like being accountable to a system I don’t control (actually, I don’t like that, but I think it’s important).
When the church is ridiculous, when it looks like congress, amid power plays and posturing, I have to remember, this is better than going it alone. And it is.

I wouldn’t say “anti’ social:
I like people.
But the first thing I did when I entered conference
was go to the bathroom.
Not for any business, just to go there.
Then to the water fountain, again…not due to thirst.
Then I got out and shook hands.

Square Peg, Round Everything:
I don’t want to sound like a martyr.  I hate that tone.
But I do want to communicate part of my experience:
I feel out of place, at least in part,
in every environment I’ve ever been in.

I am comfortable with who I am,
and I love the church I am a part of.
But putting on suits, hearing reports, “raising the hand”
(which is how we call for votes),
This stuff just makes me feel like I was brought in from outer space.

Night One Complete

Truth be told, all we’ve done so far is one church service,
and it was pretty great.