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no fate

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It took a lot for this one not to become really preachy and heavy handed.
If you are overloaded with pretension,
just read my last post where I fantasized about my cat being dead.
pre-death obit for Millhouse

If you love systematic theology and thorough arguments,
I would again suggest you leave this one and go for the cat article.
This is fast and loose.

The Theological Underpinning:

I believe in a God who built the universe,
has the ability to control and change it ,
cares about what goes on in it,
and has given humanity the ability to direct their own lives.

I believe God is capable of doing whatever God wants in all of Creation
It also seems clear that creation usually works according to the laws/structures God set.

I think the vast majority of events happening in the world, and in our lives
are direct effects of human decisions.

Even when we recognize God’s direct intervention,
We usually see it in the context of human behavior or decisions.

(deleted 500 more words about theology, biology, sovereignty, and free will…you’re welcome)

The Micro implications:

I frequently hear and use language
that offends my sense that humans have the power to shape our futures.

(at 20 years old)
“You like hanging out with your friends, that’ll stop when you get married.”
(at 25 years old)
“Yeah, I used to love to _____ before I had a real job”
(at 35 years old)
“When your kids get to be our kids age, you’ll understand why we _______”
(at 45 years old)
“I would have loved to have been a ________ “

Do you understand what I am getting at?
We imagine out futures will inevitably shape us according to some pre-determined mold.

I think these statements reveal more about the speaker and their own sense of power and hope
than they do about the actual possibilities for the future.


The Macro implications:

The belief that our future is set,
Grows into a worldview:

We are incapable of making a differnece.
What will be, will be.

Hell in a handbasket stuff.
You hear it all the time.

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy,
It doesn’t take seriously
the responsibility and power
given to us by God
to be a part of

Thy Kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven.