Listening to: Elton John

Reading: Life of Pi  (Isn’t that about a cat.  Does the cat die?)

Writing about: My cat, who will (God willing) one day be no more.

Quick clarification: My cat is very much alive,
But I have imagined the day when she will no longer be.
So I wrote her obituary


Millhouse  Something  Fuller

I.  Early Life

The rescue shelter called you Cecil
They said you had short hair.
Maybe you’re actually a boy.
What kind of name is Cecil?

The rescue shelter said you were fixed.
I believe there may still be some work to do.

II.  The rest

Some things you never did:
Scratch anyone
purr for anyone
come outside the house
come outside our room
come out from under the bed.

 III. Now You Are Dead.

In honor of her life
Please ignore your family today..

The Fuller family will take cash donations
In lieu of flowers and cards.


Come Freakin on