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I am going to try and keep this short, and stay of the rant train.

Once every three of four weeks
I get an article in my news feed
Explaining just why churches are no good at reaching millennials
(A well documented fact).

Let me summarize their content broadly:
Millennials don’t like your ______ because they really want  __________

How your Grandpa talks:

These articles make me frustrated, not because they criticize the church.
But because (excuse my grandstanding)
they misunderstand the nature of the millennial generation.

Before I had the opportunity to hit puberty
And fail miserably at climbing the social ladder.
Youth Culture looked something like this:
cool chart

I remember when culture reinforced this message:

Society is a pyramid.
You can get to the top
by gaining the acceptance
Of the group at the top.

Generation X had shared cultural experiences.
The Survivor/Idol Finale (season one), Gangsta Rap, Titanic
They were sent down from on high
And lost credibility as they moved down the rungs.

These Mechancs Don’t Apply To millennials.

If this generation were to have a shared cultural experience,
How would they even “receive it”
On their TV,  Laptop, tabletphone, watch,
Matrix style Brain Chord?
(Millenial side note: the Matrix was a movie, it played in theatres, and was later a DVD)
(Millenia side note:  A DVD was a…oh forget it, milleinnals don’t read this anyway.
I don’t want to wear this point out.
You’re probably not a millennial,
So this sort of linear logic probably works for you.
Anyway, I made another chart.

millennial flow chart

My Simple Point for the Church:

Millennials are not a target.
They are 100 million individuals
With overlapping, inconsistent, and fluid interests.

Be Ye real,  relevant,  hi tech,  ancient/modern
Be Ye  bearded or clean shaven
Be Ye wearers of jeans, dresses, or khakis (no pleats though)
Be Ye stained glass or projection screens
Be ye organist, keytarist, or midi programer

Go forth and be faithful to your call.

Build relationships and be patient.

Serve faithfully,  serve well.
Don’t stop.

My Simple Plan for the next Millennial Strategy article:

leave me alone, your argument is off base.

Post Script:

I am fully aware of the irony here
I just created the exact thing I am complaining about.
Technically I am not sure if I am a millennial.
But I’m pretty sure they get away with that sort of thing.