Listening to: Andrew WK

Reading: The Jungle Book
(really this time, that is actually what I was reading)

Writing about: Spring Break, Vacation, Bullies, Close Quarters

Last week my family went on vacation, this week I wrote very short statements about it.
We were in Destin.  Ever heard of it?

1. Close Quarters:  Limited Time is good time.


We are a family of six, we were in a one bedroom condo.  It was really fun and endearing
partly because we knew that our kids wouldn’t be on an air mattress in the living room forever.


2. Everyone Hates a Bully

Shy, Beautiful ducks
Deprived and Margainalized
by the stupid Geese

You may not have known
if you don’t obey the goose
it will hiss at you



3.  You can’t help someone who doesn’t want help:

Joey, I love you…but you can not win the claw game.
Joey, it’s ok if you keep trying, but the stuffed animal is too heavy.
Joey, you are going to be out of quarters very quickly if you keep playing this one.
Joey, do you want to watch you brother play games now?


4. I probably wouldn’t eat a dolphin

I have said this before, but my brain is bent towards black and white absolutes.
So knowing that, I ask you to reserve judgment while I explain:

I have always maintained that there is no real difference (morally speaking)
Between eating a cow I have never met
and eating my cat, or your hamster, or whatever.

remember I didn’t eat any animals for two years.
And both of us probably ate an animal today, no matter how cute your puppy is.

During our break we literally rode a dolphin.
I probably wouldn’t eat that dolphin,
regardless of the morality of it.
It was kind of awesome.
And again, I mean that literally, I was in awe.
You can resume your judgment now.