Listening to: Meat loaf

Reading: A list of things Meat Loaf would do.  Wondering what he wouldn’t do….guessing he may find a way to justify doing “that.”

Writing About: Taking a stand, hypocrisy, haters, Starbucks

Section One: The Rules for Resolutions

I make new year’s resolutions. And I keep them.

new year

It has been my experience
that as soon as anyone knows this about me,
or knows what I am doing that year,
they become the resolution police.

Someone:  So no desserts huh?
Me: yeah
Someone: how come you’re eating a donut?
Me: When was the last time you ordered a donut for dessert?
Someone: So, would you eat trail mix?
Me: yeah, if I wanted trail mix.
Someone: what about the M&Ms in it?
Me: When you make yourself a new year’s resolution you can set your rules

I am not lying, this sort of conversation comes up all the time.
I have said that last phrase dozens of times.

Section Two: Hypocrisy 

I really hate Black Friday, for a myriad of reasons.
But at the end o the day, if I am going to buy a Christmas present
And that particular present is way cheaper on Black Friday
Then I am faced with a choice between competing values.

I am a black/white thinker, my brain works in absolutes.
that is why I find it so difficult to take a concrete stand on things
Even when I am clear about my values.

There is always a  gap
between values
and their practical implications.
Not that I fear hypocrisy, but that I wrestle with what is most right.

Section Three: Race Together

Recently the CEO of Starbucks had a clumsy and short lived idea:

This Forced, Awkward, Ill-Advised national conversation on race over $6 Coffee

If you hadn’t heard, this is the Very short version:
Howard Schultz wanted his employees to prompt conversations on race in his Coffee Shops.

I caught wind of this story when people were giving him a hard time about the decision:
How can he talk about race from the helm of the icon of gentrification?
Did he make this decision from his throne made of crazy paychecks? What about income inequality?
Starbucks coffee tastes burnt, he’s a witch!

Section Four: Can’t a guy have a dumb idea?


If you want to start a conversation about your principles
Then do it.

Do you know what you care about?
Think about some ways your concern can turn into concrete action.
Weigh the intended and unintended consequences of your action.
And give it a shot.