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Reading: My Jury Summons

Writing About: Jury Duty, hard-core individualism, beards, fast and loose Catholicism.

I was summoned to jury duty on Monday.
I didn’t get picked so I figure I can talk about it.

(The Pensacola News Journal didn’t seem to mind talking about it:)

If you followed the link, I killed the punchline of the following story,
I kind of doubt you followed it though, so here goes:

Dr. Dino is not subject to your laws, human!  
About 2 hours into my jury selection adventure they presented the charges.
I heard the list of allegations,
thought back to the beards with signs on the court steps and realized:
I think I know what this is about.
When I was 16 years old
I heard a guy guy lecture on Creationism
In a living room
With a dozen-ish other people
He also handed out some ridiculously inflammatory tracts for us to distribute.

Sorry for posting that, but it is a real excerpt
Exhibit A: this one was really there, I swear.

Later, and this is a broad paraphrase, he decided that as a citizen of heaven
he was not obliged to pay taxes.
So he didn’t.
Then got sent to prison for 10 years.
Apparently, he racked up a whole load of new charges from prison.

I heard those charges from the jury box, like:

Then I sat for another 4 hours, got a personal interview with the judge and was released at 4:30.
plus one per-diem  /  minus one day of work.

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A Late Disclaimer

So, who’s really in charge here?

I think I know why Kent Hovind hates the Pope.
And doesn’t feel the need to pay taxes.
I think I understand how Kent could stand alone as a scientist.
And truth is, I have the same instinct.
I made a chart to illustrate the issue at hand:

don’t like it? Who cares! See chart for further explanation.

“Just me and Jesus”

I am an American, and a man, and a protestant.
I like to do what I want.
I feel proud and martyr-y when I stand alone.

But I just don’t think this is how faith is supposed to work.
Even if we claim that this is how Jesus operated…following only God, even to the cross.
It seems much safer to place myself in the Gospel story as one of the disciples, not the hero.

Post Script:  I still don’t want the Pope bossing me around.
Post-Post Script: Jesus directly talked about paying taxes, we know that right?  It was written.

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