Listening to: The Smashing Pumpkins

Reading: A pile of stuff on my nightstand (Currently: Winesburg Ohio)

Writing about: Things that keep me up at night.

1. My Cat:
My Cat is Great, she rules. Do You want her? I am willing to ship domestically at no charge.Millhouse, your new cat.

2. Things that I have some Control Over:
Much more than things I have no control over.

3. My Bladder:
Just your standard middle age stuff, I suppose.

4.  My Sense of Justice:
I am not easily knocked off kilter.
As ironic as it may seem, this character trait has some pretty serious drawbacks /advantages.
Most things that I really get stuck on come down to these kind of questions:
What is right in this situation?   Did I do what was right?  Can I do what is right  (see #2)?

I really wanted this idea to be a post in itself, but I don’t know how I could express it in a way that isn’t overwhelming preachy and self-righteous.  And that just wouldn’t be right.  A lot of things aren’t on my list that would keep a better man awake, but this one just gets to me.

5. Quiet Hobbies for Introverts
I sold my drum kit. Given the context, that should make sense.  So from time to time I make ridiculous mash-ups and remixes from underneath a giant pair of headphones….a pretty weak substitute if you ask me.
I edit all of our family video footage into yearbook movies.
I am a bunch of hours/months into a Batman Video Game.  (I almost didn’t post that)
I do stuff like this:
And stuff like this
Also, as it turns out, I made a new years resolution to write a post once a week.
This is that post.