Listening to:  A song about lists (the only version I could bear) 

Reading: Matthew 1:1-17

Writing about: Things, in order.


People I go to for help:
1. google
2. youtube

Radio Presets in my car:
(this is true, I like to think it’s a little joke for whoever borrows my car.
Of course, no one ever borrows my car)
ch1: Panama City NPR
ch2: Talahassee NPR
ch3: Panama City NPR
ch4: Talahassee NPR
ch5: Panama City NPR
ch6: Talahassee NPR

Favorite Type of Pet:
1. No pet
2. Digital Pet
3. Your Pet
4. My Pet

Places I have lived in chronological order:
1. Niceville
2. St. Augustine
3. Niceville

Mistakes we make when working around poverty:
1. Helping
2. Not Helping

Reasons you should cut your own hair:
1. It’s Free (after startup cost)
2. Haircuts available 24/7
3. Hair grows back (until it stops, eventually)
4. What’s the worst that could happen?
5. Seriously, lighten up.  It’s just hair.

Holidays that deserve to be ignored:
1. Valenties Day
2. New Years Eve
3. Columbus Day

Appropriate ages for shoe types:
0-2      nothing, or socks that look like things
2-3      Crocs, which should be burned after you turn 4
3-9      Shoes with lights on them
9-25  Converse All Stars
25-60  Boring Shoes
60-∞  Slippers, all day everyday.

Things my Cat does on a typical day:
6:00 am  wake up and beg for food and water
6:00 am –  3:30 am:  sleep under the bed
3:30 am –  4:00 am:  Sprint around the house looking for plastic to eat
4:00 am  – 6:00 am:  sleep on my wife’s side of the bed

Who i like to ask for advice