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Writing about: The system and who’s the man

A few weeks back in a meeting I asked my peers in no uncertain terms to “trust the system”
I really want to explain the context…in the interest of self-defense
But it would be boring.
Anyway. I said it.  That quote, verbatim: “Trust the system”
Boooooo.  Down with the man.  Et al.

The next 5 days of my life played out like a  preachy after school special whose sole purpose was to teach me a lesson about “the system.”

It involved trips to court and health department, and calls to our insurancee company.

It was just as bad as it sounds. Except we weren’t the defendants.
I will summarize the incompetence and small scale oppression of the three separate events with this abbreviated dialog, mostly verbatim, from our insurance company:

phone call
I referenced this call, in part, in  this post about my wife

I have never felt more like a cog in a machine.
Powerless and stuck.

Structure isn’t evil…in fact it is good.
In the story of Creation, when God creates the world…good and right, as it was supposed to be
God formed order out of chaos.
The whole universe functions on structure, laws, rules, math, science.
That isn’t evil.

Systems don’t work when they lack common sense, when they lose their relational sensibilities.

Rules ar important.
Interpersonal boundaries keep our lives safe and healthy (or open us to all sorts of chaos)
But grace is important too.
Structures keep us safe and separate.
That is appealing, to my practical sensibilities.
But it’s also pretty lame.

I should go back to staff and tell them to stand up to the man
Fight the power.
Live by grace.

unless, of course, I am the man.
then they should trust the system.