Listening to: Alicia Keys


Reading: Proverbs 31

Writing About: being a great spouse and an even better human being (my wife, not me)

I am pretty sure blogging, for anyone, is in some way tied to an overinflated view of self.
The whole idea is at least a little bit egotistical.
Like, I have something to say…something you will want to read.
Oh, and by the way a lot of what I have to say will be about me.

In 15 weekly(ish) posts, my wife has probably only been mentioned once.
(The hero of   Unlikely Foster Parents Part One )
This is, of course, the most popular post I have made.
In second, the one about  Turkey Love,   just kidding.  No one liked that one.

Anyway. I started a draft about my wife three weeks ago,
and it seems appropriate to finish it it now.

Yeah, I know it’s Christmas, but I have been locked down in a flu Quarantine for 3 days, so whatever.

Default Parent:

Les left me with the kids for a few days a few weeks back.
In addition to three of the four kids, she also left behind a very detailed list, things like:
tylers list


Do you know what I leave for Les when I go out of town? Nothing.
les remember
She doesn’t need it.
She is the Default. She knows what’s up.
I am a willing and capable helper, she holds the master plan.

Don’t Cross Les

That (above) was most of the unpublished draft…
since I wrote that we have had some problems with our insurance policy.

Leslie has been on the phone relentlessly, making it right.
She will not give up.
When we were having so many seemingly interconnected health problems with Mae
But had no good overarching diagnosis.
Leslie trusted her instinct and kept pushing until we had a diagnosis that fit.
That is no exaggeration.
Leslie is responsible for what we know about Mae.
You all thought she was timid.

…And Finally:

Last week Les and I went to a Christmas part where we recreated a photo from our past.
We chose to recreate our prom photo.
15 years after the fact, Leslie wore the same dress, and ROCKED IT.
I, on the other hand, turned into a goofy pot bellied version of my dad.

prom side by side
“It’s a wig, made of yarn, get it?”

Case Closed.

Best Wife Ever.

No go back to pretending to be Santa Clause while I wait for my wife to be done taking care of our girls so we can celebrate together, some other day.