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Reading: Ther Polar Express

Writing about: Kids, Concrete thinking, Fantasy, ruining it for everyone.

This year we told our kids that Santa was not real
(after being cornered by the relentlessly rational, insatiable, and inquisitive Anna Margaret).
Nobody said a word about it.
Until today, at breakfast.

You are probably shocked and appalled.  Rest easy, I wrote some haikus
*before you get worked up at the fist one, we have not discussed in any way how babies get IN bellies.

Anna wants to know how Babies Get Out of bellies?  10/13
drop the bomb on mom
all diversions are useless
she just has to know

only the real truth
stops the pint sized scientist
huge gut laughs follow

Anna wants to know if Santa is Real   12/13
car full of munchkins
the question comes from the back
real, or make believe?

“well, what do you think?”
nice try, the question remains
cornered dad speaks up

“well, um:  make believe
but it’s still fun to pretend!”
no tears, we roll on.

Anna reminds everyone that Santa is Make believe   12/14
Christmas time is here
Did we really tell them that?
No one remembers.

Breakfast table full
“something, something….Santa Clause”
“Santa’s make believe”

Flashback, we said that.
Maybe we poisoned the well,
keep your kids away!

quick and unfiltered
“maybe should not have said that”
She’s her dad’s daughter.