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So I heard this radio program about Turkey mating habits
then I came home and watched the (definitely safe for work) video about it.
I told you, this is not the Thanksgiving post you are looking for.
So anyway, the turkey video….It was truly disgusting.  Go ahead, give it a little look.

                                     “Hot For Turkey”

the red text is a hyperlink. Go ahead. I dare you.


Did you watch that? Seriously, it’s only 5 minutes. And I dared you.
Of course you didn’t watch it,
I already told you what it was about, I should have just tricked you….
Hey follow that link, it’s a Taylor Swift video.
about turkey love.

Here are the highlights:

As you may guess that thing where the turkey speaks it’s tail feathers
(the pose from every hall mark card and foil balloon)
is just a Turkey showing his stuff, trying to impress the ladies.

the full body display creates a lot of body heat in the male
I mean that literally, even though it sounds like a ridiculous metaphor
turkey 2

I think it is because I am a pastor, but everything is a metaphor, right?
I mean, a life lesson.
I hear the Turkey Story and think…that’ll preach

Apparently the male Turkey will display for anyone, or anything.
Every other Turkey on the planet
goats, turtles, a brick wall, nothing.
Male Turkey’s are always on their game.

That has to be tiring right?
That’s no way to live.
If i were St. Francis and I was going to go preach to the turkeys I’d just say this:
“Relax, man.”

I have a feeling most people won’t make it to the end of this one…
but if you do here is a bonus fact.
A really terrible one.

that disgusting thing on the front of a turkey beak plays a role in all of this.
Watch the video, it is revolting.

Happy Thanksgiving.