Listening to: Johnny Cash

Reading:  A bunch of terrible news articles from around Florida

Writing about: Protecting Children.

So I keep about a dozen loose ideas / open drafts open in my blogging account. When I see something I want to write about or have an idea I wan tot develop I write a few sentences, then come back to it.

This one has been brewing for a few weeks, and I think it is due.
In my Facebook feed right now there are multiple postings of alleged child abuse.  In the many and varied comments below the article there are a few of “Could have seen that coming” comments.  I am not writing a direct response or judgement of them….like I said, most of this was written weeks ago…but it did get me fired up about this post and idea.

In an effort to minimize grandstanding or preaching
I have boiled this down to a list.

1. Adults are responsible for protecting children

2. If you live in Florida and you observe or suspect abuse you are a mandatory reporter.  You must report it.’s-new-mandatory-reporting-law

3. Our job, as adults looking out for children, isn’t to investigate, or even judge. It is to report what we have observed.  The state investigates, the court judges.  We are only responsible for the knowledge we have.

4.  If you want abuse to stop, speak up.  You don’t have to be a gunslinging vigilante, and you don’t have to be frozen by fear into inaction. You just have to report.

4.  We are responsible for the knowledge we have.


Want a kick in the gut? Read that article….

Or just read this very brief summary:
“Any individual who suspects or knows that a child has been abused by any person is required by legislation, signed by Gov. Rick Scott, to report the abuse to the Florida Abuse Hotline, according to the Department of Children and Families website……..”
“Miramar police officer Steve Jepkema wrote in his report that Conlan Armour said his wife had tried to kill the baby before………”

“Neither reported the incident to the proper authorities, the reports say………”

“Had the prior incidents been reported to the proper authorities this may not have happened,” Rues said.