Listening to: Mineral

Reading:  Some poetry books I wrote in High School
(which, by the way, you will definitely not be seeing any content from)

Writing About: Nostalgia, Privilege, late 90s emo, Ikea

Last week I went to a show in Atlanta.
A lot of people have asked me about it, because I don’t really go to concerts.

For the most part I dodge the question, as is my custom.

I have worked  hard to try to not explain why the show was the greatest thing in the world.  Or why the band was important.  Or how I used to be cool.

Mineral meant a lot to me.  The emotional reality of a teenager is turned up to 11.  Every once in a while, something puts down roots in the hyper-reality of youth and isn’t shaken by puberty.  Mineral did that for me.  To this day those songs immediately send me back to my idealized past.

But they don’t do that to you.
and that is why I will now stop writing about Mineral.

There are two things I have thought about a lot since the show.

1. I  romanticize the past.  

It sounds like this:
Teenagers these days have really lost their way, we would have never (insert appalling behavior)
No Republican will ever be Reagan.  No Democrat will ever be JFK
No unlikely outsider will ever be Nader (unless it’s Nader again, which always seems possible)
Hymns had content, praise choruses were easy to sing….
flow chartYou get it right?

uncle rico
Uncle RIco nailing it.

We were young, fit, and brilliant.  Weren’t we?
The world was moral, organized, wholesome and slow.  Wasn’t it?
Has anyone ever used the phrase “Glory Days” to talk about the future?

2. Maybe this isn’t such a great way to approach the world


The Logical Flaw:  How far back do we look?  When, in our romanticized past, did history “peak”

pretty sure my standard of living is better than this.

The past is sealed.               The Future is scary and unpredictable.
Even if it was bad, it is over.
We control what we see in the past.  Hymns aren’t better we just forgot the bad ones.

I am sorry to do this to you.  But I feel like this sums things up perfectly:

Something terrible from the present, talking about how great things were.

My Closing Story (It’s kind of about Mineral Again.  Sorry)

I went to the show with a great friend. We met in High School, of course right?  We spent plenty of time talking about our common romanticized pasts.  Then we went to Ikea (which may deserve a post in itself).  While we were being forced to wander through their ridiculous alien atmosphere, we came across the kitchen section.  My buddy (NOT ME) saw one of those wire racks that you dry dishes on and said “Hey, that’s a really cool dish rack”   to which I replied Can you imagine 18 year old us saying that”  Then he said “Are you going to write about this in your Blog?”  and I said “No”.

18 year old me would think I’m lame.  If you read “Unlikely foster parents part one” ( you probably understand that.
But 18 year old me was stupid. I love my life.
I would rather be raising the family God called me to than going to and playing shows.
I believe God has done great things, and God will do Great things.
I look forward to an uncertain future where God will continue to do new and different things.

A song that was born to be the closing number: