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Reading:  Internet Pumpkin Recipes

Writing about: Halloween, problems of scale, family

Here are some very quick observations about Halloween:

1.  The internet ruined everything.

I don’t remember everybody’s costume being super witty when I grew up.  I remember home made costumes, but never well done ones.  I think this is a Pinterest problem.


hoe in hand=farmer costume


2.  Who exactly is supposed to be putting this thing on?

We almost didn’t put any candy out, we were busy getting our kids ready.  We went to a local church halloween event.  It was fantastic, but it didn’t feel quite like knocking on stranger’s doors.  We went back and did door-to-door on our street, every family with kids was walking to each other’s empty houses and getting candy from the front stoop.  Some teenagers came as we were putting our kids to bed, we didn’t answer, they took everything but the milk duds, that seemed about right to me.

3.  What rights do my kids have to the candy they collect?

I pay taxes to the government.  I get the candy I like when the kids go to sleep.  Same principle.  I take a lot of it, also same principle.

4. Who makes these and where did they go?

What will my children complain about for 25 years, if no one is giving these out?

crappy candy
slightly better than a toothbrush, but worse than popcorn.
5. I have no concept ot scale

I made Joey’s captain America Shield.  It is literally as big as him.  I know that is awesome, but it’s just not quite right.

IMG_6826Also, because I like baking and I am neurotic about wasting food stuff, I took our pumpkins and made puree, than made stuff out of that puree.  This is that stuff, and I could do it all again with the amount of puree I have left

feeding a small army pumpkin everything for a month.

Cue the Christmas Music.